The NZ made Babywearing Instructional DVD/Download                                   


The lovingly crafted step-by-step video demonstrations in this production will help you to become familiar with the baby carriers on the market and will help you to use your baby carrier with confidence.

It is a multi-carrier, brand impartial instructional video that will give you all the information you need for your babywearing journey.

The latest in babywearing safety and best practice.

An affordable and practical gift to share the babywearing love with your newly pregnant friends.

A practical tool to provide security and contentedness for your baby and the ability for you to be hands free.

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Wearing Your Baby is available as either a DVD or a HD digital download.

Over 3 hours of material including:

  • Introduction
  • Safety
  • Wrap Around Slings
  • Asian Carriers: Mei tai and Podaegi
  • Pouch and Ring Slings
  • Soft Structured Carriers
  • Wearing Two Babies
  • Improvised Carriers